The Conversation Continues – Bill Moyers

The book: Bill Moyers Journal: The Conversation Continues, by Bill Moyers

The crux: A guide to the debates and cultural currents of our time through interviews with nearly 50 writers, activists, poets and thinkers, including Michael Pollan, David Simon, Jane Goodall, Karen Armstrong, Barbara Ehrenreich, Howard Zinn, W.S. Merwin, Thomas Cahill, Louise Erdrich, Robert Bly, and Jim Hightower.

The context: A winner of Emmy and Peabody Awards, Moyers is a leading American journalist best known for his groundbreaking series on public TV. These thoughtful conversations are drawn from his public affairs program Bill Moyers Journal, broadcast from 2007 to 2010.

Q&A: David Simon, creator of The Wire (HBO)

Are you cynical?

“I am very cynical about institutions and their willingness to address themselves to reform. I am not cynical when it comes to individuals and people. And I think the reason The Wire is watchable, even tolerable, to viewers is that it has great affection for those people, particularly when they stand up on their hind legs and say, ‘I will not lie anymore. I am actually going to fight for what I perceive to be some shard of truth.’”

Take home: Moyers has been conducting the American conversation for years. These recent installments provoke, engage, and enlighten.

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