Writing to Save a Life & More


“A slim but powerful volume, an account of the brief and terrible life of Louis (Saint) Till, the largely forgotten father of Emmett Till, the Chicago boy whose horrific lynching in Mississippi in 1955 shamed the nation.” Here’s a profile of John Edgar Wideman, author of Writing to Save a Life.

“More than simply a collection of cartoons, The Realist Cartoons is an instruction manual for those wishing to learn how to speak bravely and frankly about race, sex, war, peace, abortion, doomsday, environmentalism, free speech, civil rights, homosexuality, human rights, human wrongs, love, hate and obscenity—to learn, that is, by exquisite example.”

As outlaw tales go, Andrew Hilleman’s debut novel, World, Chase Me Down (Penguin) ranks alongside the likes of Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, and Billy the Kid.”

“’I’m just a writer. I don’t have access to magical Negro wisdom that white people don’t have access to. Everything is now political. We have the responsibility to make the political personal.’” Here’s Roxane Gay.


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