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“November of last year launched America into one of the most terrifying eras in its history. Take a look around you. See the stark tone shift in journalism, the edginess introduced in the voice of artists, and the genuine fear in immigrant families, gay and lesbian and trans people, and basically anyone non-white. It turns out that it can happen here.” Here’s the story on a new magazine that gives voice to the resistance: Scoundrel Time.

Writes Jonathan Lethem: “It’s my best of the year, but you can’t read it yet: Steve Erickson’s jaw-dropping next novel, Shadowbahn, which concerns the phantasmic reappearance of the Twin Towers in the Badlands of South Dakota, accompanied by the resurrection of Elvis Presley’s twin brother Jesse.”

“The boy crawling directly in front of the 14-year-old [Paul] Auster was under the fence when lightning struck, killing the young adolescent. ‘His shoe was in front of my face,’ Auster remembers. ‘I’ve been haunted by that moment all of my life. The fragility of life was made real to me that day. My work and this novel have been inspired by it. And a writer who creates other selves in his or her work must love them in order to honor them, even when, especially when, they must die. Only through this love can the writer feel the awe and horror of death.’” Here’s the story behind Auster’s 4 3 2 1.

“With rare immediacy, [Timothy B.] Tyson revisits the 1955 lynching of Emmett Till in Mississippi and the acquittal of those responsible in a gripping account of the cultural milieu of a racist environment.” Here’s a review of The Blood of Emmett Till.


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