Angry White Men & Much More


Says Michael Kimmel (Angry White Men): “What we do know to be true is that our military exercises in Iraq and Afghanistan have left veterans coming home with serious PTSD. I mean, think of the types of terror that they’ve lived with – that any time you get into a car could be your last time on earth. That can’t help but shake you up. Couple that with racism towards your enemy – one of the ways you convince yourself to kill an enemy is to hate them; think about what we used to say about the Vietnamese, or what my father’s generation used to say about the Japanese. I think that is an equation that might make some people susceptible to far-right ideology.”

On The Complacent Class: “Americans used to be so can-do, but they’ve lost some of that. [Tyler] Cowen’s book discusses the reasons behind and the consequences for that decline, starting with ways to measure the loss of restlessness: Americans are moving less between states; they’re starting new businesses at lower rates; and they’re marrying and living amongst people too much like themselves.”

Hardcover reprints of some very special SF classics!

I think the biggest thing that people aren’t seeing at all is the huge attack on Medicaid that’s coming,” says Richard Kirsch (Fighting for Our Health). “The press hasn’t covered it, it’s not on anybody’s radar. It’s 33 million children and 77 million people. It’s the way that people with disabilities get their health care paid for, it’s the way that families can afford to send their elderly parents to a nursing home or get home care. That’s a huge, huge attack that Republicans are going to try to force through really quickly.”

The remarkable Rebecca Solnit.

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